Affinity Insurance

An affinity is a group of people who have a common interest in something. More often than not, the word is used to determine people who are members of a club but it can also be used when describing the loyal customer base of a specialist business. Whether this affinity is made up of members or customers, once thing we know is that their acquisition is both extremely expensive and very time consuming. As such, being able to offer any affinity base an insurance solution which compliments the shared interest, not only drives revenue to offset these high acquisition costs but also helps to introduce a further point of differentiation which your competitor organisations may not be able to breach, therefore helping aide customer retention.

Affinity Analysis

We will help review your customer base to determine common areas of risk exposure where arranging an insurance scheme could not only deliver cost effective protection to your members but could also generate revenue for your organisation. We will explain how you can quickly and cost effectively gain access to the relevant products and distribute them in an efficient and compliant manner whilst providing you with a swift understanding of the potential commercial benefits to your organisation.


Product Creation

So now you have determined that you have a demand for a particular insurance solution how do you take the theory and put it into practice? It’s easy, you work with Hawthorn Advisory! We will scope out the product coverage, explain the practical sales processes and introduce the systems or partners required to be able to fulfil the policies in an efficient and compliant manner. We will make sure that you have a structure which allows for the easy analysis of the underwriting and sales performance meaning a long and fruitful relationship for all stakeholders.

Marketing Consultancy

Having a large existing customer base is one thing but successfully selling them unrelated, financial products in a compliant manner, is something else entirely. We can help you choose the best channels through which to promote these new solutions and ensure the proper monitoring of both sales conversion and customer feedback so that both the products and the processes can be honed to deliver the best possible results. We will also work with you to understand what other complimentary products might be well received and help you develop and these to your portfolio.

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